“Music is one of the pathways by which the soul returns to Heaven“ (Torquato Tasso)

Music speaks the universal language of beauty. Music and religion together offer hope to humanity: through the harmony of their combined spirits the sensitivity of the individual can find divine consolation. Alone amongst the Arts, music exalts universal agreement and encourages fraternity between the senses, surpassing all barriers. By its very nature music can reach and overcome internal obstacles, uncovering and uplifting deep emotions like an irresistible wave. Because it is perceived involuntarily by our sense of hearing, music is an emotion which unites its listeners and thus repels discrimination.

Music is a form of energy and symbolises life. Three fundamental elements of human existence are also common to it. These are the physical nature of rhythm, the spirituality of melody able to evoke exquisite pleasure, and the equilibrium of harmony which embraces the whole.

Choral music originated in the Christian chants of early centuries. It is written in the Holy Scriptures that song was a common practice in Jewish culture too, and how Jesus Himself used song “And after singing the hymn, they went out in the direction of the Mount of Olives”. (Mark 14, 22-26.)

Aliantour is a Tour Operator specialising in the organisation and booking on behalf of Choral Groups of performances and exhibitions in halls, churches and basilicas.

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