Leisure Groups

With over 35 years experience in the tourist business Aliantour has the distinctive advantage of having excellent buying power owning to the volume of business we do in our destinations all over Europe. Our clients can rely on us for the highest quality of service with the most completive rates, the best itinerary, accommodation, tour managers and local guides ensure our groups have a truly emotional experience for their journey.
On a journey people live emotions and feelings that remain with us for a very long time , especially if they are shared with other people and they contribute to strengthen long lasting relationships.
There are journeys that change our lives when we discover places we have always wanted to see and cultures we always wanted to know. At any moment of a journey a sign of beauty, large or small can reveal itself as God’s hallmark. A journey also represents the challenge of the unknown, the ability to relate to the unfamiliar and to adapt to what is unforeseeable. During a journey experiences become internalised and enter the memory.
As they say ‘’travel broadens the mind”

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