“Aliantour: Pioneer in the organization of processions and pilgrimages.”

"Blessed is he who finds you in your fortress and decides in your heart or sacred path. Passing through the valley of tears and transforms it into a fountain."

(Salmo 83)

Start your journey in the places where you are expected.

The great feeling of faith that always fueled the founders of Aliantour, led the company over the years to specialize in organizing religious trips. Since 1978, we carry out pilgrimages and religious events, developing unique skills and making us a leading company in this sector.

Long live, I know an authentic experience of faith

We are committed to doing our part so that each client has an unforgettable trip full of grace. If you are looking to find God in the places where he revealed himself, join one of our group's pilgrimages to great shrines and places of spirituality. Our experience has led to international collaborations, including those with the Sistine Chapel of Pontifical Music, which chose Aliantour for travel in Italy and abroad.

Pilgrimage Catalog 2021

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Aliantour organizes your journey of faith, to discover the wonderful cities of art and worship in Europe.

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